The time and the human / 14th of August 2021

Exhibition at the sculptors studio Alkärret Velamsundsvägen 21 in Nacka.

Outdoors, with Covid-19 in mind.

Saturday 14/8 to sunday 15/8 12pm to 6pm.


Polaris – Lasse Nilsson is showing his sculpture / 13th of februari 2019


Art and Form, Kommendörsg. 11, Stockholm.

Opening hours:

wednesday 13 february 12pm to 8pm (VERNISSAGE 4pm to 8pm)

thursday/friday 14 & 15 of february 12pm to 6pm

saturday/sunday 16 & 17 of february 12pm to 6pm

Open garden with art and yoga / 30th of june 2018

Welcome to an inspiring and peaceful weekend for both mind and soul at Sommarbo Trädgård.

During this weekend we have the privilege to present the amazing exhibition by the sculptor Lasse Nilsson.

Saturday the 30th of June and Sunday the 31th of June you have the opportunity to see some of Lasses work.

See the entire programme at Sommarbo trädgård

The Savior flys / 17th of august 2012

The peace monument is getting ready / 11th of august 2012

lasse flys att Arboga skulpturfestival

The sculpture festival in Arboga is approaching its final. The opening for the public is on Saturday, the 11th of August.
Arboga Newspaper portrays Lasse and his sculpture
and Swedish Public Service Radio covers the event in its cultural program Kulturnytt: (only in Swedish).

Photo: Lennye Osbeck, Bärgslagsbladet.

The Savior in the air. Se it on youtube here

International sculpture symposium in Arboga, Sweden 22/7-12/8 2012

This summer Lasse Nilsson will participate in Peace Monuments of War Material, a unique international sculpture symposium with the aim of creating peace monuments from scrapped military equipment. The symposium will take place during three weeks when 15 internationally active artists from 7 countries (China, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Great Britian and Romania) will gather to make peace monuments in the form of sculptures. They will work in a large studio, ASOMA, an industrial facility along the river in Arboga.

These peace monuments shall later form a permanent sculpture park.

The artist Richard Brixel is the initiator of the project.

A particular seminar on Art as an Arrow to Sustainable Economic Growth will be organized during the symposium.

By creating a permanent sculpture park with Peace Monuments of War Material, the city of Arboga hopes to attract visitors to the region for a long time ahead.
Lasse Nilsson talks about his contribution.